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The YES (Young Entrepreneurs Succeed) Program was established to train young people from historically underserved and marginalized communities to become successful entrepreneurs. In doing so, we believe we can instill the mindset, skills, and values needed for the youth that participate in our program to become the next generation of business leaders that serve their community. The program is offered 100% free for students grades 9 to 12 from historically underserved communities.

To sign up for our spring 2023 session, click on the link below




• Thinking like an Entrepreneur Students learn about entrepreneurship and business principles that launch great ideas into a successful business solution.


• Testing an Opportunity Students learn about a framework for the specific research that an entrepreneur must complete to ensure their business provides value to their customer segment.


• Building a Competitive Edge Students learn how to define the unfair advantage for their business that would make a customer choose them over the competition.



• Making a Profit Students learn about basic business finance that would allow students to have a high-level understanding of their cost structure and revenue streams.


• Fast Pitch Challenge Students complete their lean business canvas and develop a presentation of their business plan idea.

• Puting all of these skills together students the goal is to empower students to one day create thriving businesses that serve and employee people from their community.



With a clear understanding of the importance of entrepreneurship, The NYCCDC focuses on creating a program that will directly aid underserved children of color.   


The YES (Young Entrepreneurs Succeed) Program allows us to provide the kind of training, guidance and support  necessary to direct young people from historically underserved and marginalized communities to become successful entrepreneurs


  • The purpose of the program is to expose, inspire as well as introduce an train historically underrepresented and /or economically disenfranchised youth of color to become community entrepreneurs and the future opportunities that it offers.

  • To engage, educate and empower high school students – by providing resources, support and guidance to help them reach their true potential.


Our next training sessions will take place during Saturday mornings between 9am and 12noon on March 11th, 18th, 25th and April 1st. These courses will be held at Monroe College and The Bracey Apartments.


Monroe College is located at 434 Main St, New Rochelle, NY 10801 and The Bracey Apartments located at 345 Main St. New Rochelle NY, 10801. The communities we serve are Southern Westchester and the Bronx.

To sign up for our spring 2023 session, click on the link below


We seek to instill in our youth the mission to help bring economic empowerment to oppressed communities. By doing so we envision in the near future economic empowerment within oppressed communities, driven by the well equipped  youth that have gone through our program​

  • Our Core Values include:

  • Transform the individual: Continually transform students into great presenters

  • Talent development: Increase math competency and basic financial literacy

  • Turn hope into reality: Create ways to help historically disenfranchised communities

  • Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • The YES Program will be taught during several weekends.

  • Our instructors are made up of entrepreneurs, business leaders, and educators that are passionate about developing the entrepreneurial mindset as well as economically empowering our youth.

  • During the training, students will be introduced to basic entrepreneurship concepts. Students use a lean business model canvas to plan out a unique business idea and can earn prizes and recognition in a capstone pitch competition.

  • As a result students will learn to think like and entrepreneur, test an opportunity, build a business plan with a competitive edge case, create a marketing plan, learn basic business finance, and will learn to give a compelling presentation. Also during the program guest speakers who are successful entrepreneurs will be brought in to inspire the students. In addition, students will also field trips .

  • For more details about the curriculum please visit or click the link below.

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